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Arkansas free dental clinic May 8 & 9

I need help! I keep getting cavities - even though I obsessively floss after each meal and brush twice a day - and I can't afford the treatment that I need! I have applied for Care credit but was denied. My husband is in the Army, but they only pay $1000 per yr, and I had to have an emergency extraction this yr already ( actually, I lost both lower back molars, all my wisdom teeth, and one front tooth). I am only 24! I have constant nightmares about waking up and losing all my teeth. I am scared and ashamed to open my mouth too wide, and am having to eat only certain foods and drink only lukewarm liquids because I am always in pain. Please help me! I have written letters to my Senator, to the President, to council members, and I am getting nowhere! I live in the Fayetteville metro area...
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KAY - B  

Aidpage Open Letter: To Members of City & County Councils and Congress,

To the attention of:

Barack Obama, US President;
Mike Beebe, Governor of Arkansas;
US Senators from Arkansas: John Boozman, Mark L. Pryor;
US Representatives from Arkansas: John Boozman, Marion Berry, Mike Ross, Tim Griffin;


I am a 24 yr. old voter from Garland County, recently relocated to Washington County due to my husband's transfer to Springdale, AR Armory. I am very proud of him. He joined the Army last year. He is starting school this fall, and I am actively looking for work. We have Tricare, although that has been a trial since it was accidentally cancelled last month and we have had to re-enroll, during which time I have had to cancel 3 various Doctor's appointments. My husband has a broken tooth and will need surgery on his foot, and I have several cavities that need filled before I lose more teeth (it cost too much to have my molars and one front tooth that was broken in an accident fixed so I had to have them pulled). Also, I have been going regularly to various Doctors for extreme pain in my pelvis due to misplaced ovaries and cysts, and other medical mysteries that I can't afford to discover. 

I love America, and I am glad that we are founded on the principles of equality and freedom, but it kills me inside when I or my husband have urgent medical needs and we don't have the money to get proper treatment, yet people of hispanic descent who DO NOT HAVE S.S.#'S get their visits paid for by their employers or the government. We pay taxes but WE are denied medicaid and TEA and Food Stamps. We have applied for Care Credit, but we were denied. We don't have "enough" credit, or we have bad credit because we couldn't afford to pay 100% of our medical debt after my husband's appendix was removed, or when he broke his hand in a freak accident, or when a friend accidentally ran over his ankle. We have never had credit cards because we don't want to be in debt, and we maintain a checking and savings account, although almost all of our savings is gone since we have relocated and we are struggling to go to school and work but it's almost impossible to juggle our schedule with only one older model car, which is constantly needing work. I don't understand how we are failing when we are doing everything we are supposed to do to succeed. I know that Life isn't fair, but our government is supposed to be, that is why it is referred to as "the justice system" and I just want access to the same benefits that I have been paying Social Security for, I don't think that is asking too much. Please Help your voters! All the candidates claim to want a better America - PROVE IT!


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